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Cocktail bar for bEAuTy in Llívia

Posted on 24 setembre 2016

Re-thinking the oldest pharmacy in Europe as a cocktail bar for bEAuTy Llívia.

Together with the opening of bEAuTy Llivia Resaturant , on August the 1st, a cocktail bar called Apotheke was born. A Cocktail Bar concept full of romantic reminiscences that takes us back to the oldest pharmacy in Europe: the Llívia Pharmacy.

Founded in the fifteenth century, the Pharmacy was ran by the Esteve family for seven generations. It originated here because of in the indigerous plants and botanicals that can be found in the area.

Hundreds of years of experience created an alchemy of perfect proportions, and the origin of many natural remedies.

The Pharmacy is one of the jewels of the heritage of La Cerdanya and as such it’s been the perfect inspiration for our Apotheke Cocktail BAR, keeping its classic blue jars and the albarellos decorated with gothic letters: these containers, that once kept pharmaceutical remedies and medicines, are now used by our bartender today to preserve the scents, flavors and extracts for his spectacular cocktails.

The Apotheke Bar is born

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