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Nan Estudi

A study design between Barcelona and Berlin.

This studio is born in 2012 with the aim of bring together the adjacents worlds of the furniture, lighting and architecture, fields in which we had worked in separately up to now.

With a philosophy based on simple and functional solutions, we perform in every project an exercise of imagination and subtlety which pays special atention to the emotions the object generates.

By Fernando Gonzalez, David Fernandez and Jan Bayó.


Estudio de diseño entre Barcelona y Berlín.

El estudio nace en 2012 después de trabajar  en el mundo de la iluminación, mobiliario, y arquitectura de forma individual cada uno en su mundo unidos de forma colindante.

Combinando ideas, deseos, inquietudes y necesidades presentamos nuestro primer  proyecto como NaN Estudi en la feria del mueble de Milan 2013.

Con una filosofía basada en ofrecer soluciones lógicas y sencillas, realizando un ejercicio de imaginación y sutileza en cada proyecto, que vengan dados por una solución formal y funcional.
Por Fernando Gonzalez, David Fernandez y Jan Bayó.


Stop Motion


330 Shelf System


Combining our ideas, desires, concerns and needs, we are presenting our first project “330 Shelf System Furniture Fair” in Milan 2013 Ventura area Lambrate.

This Shelf system consists in a  a series of modular containers that require no screws nor to be fixed to the wall, as they are totally self-supporting.

Different combinations to form only requires a strip that intertwines and sets the modules together.

The furniture can be adapted to different places for creating new spaces within it.




Fanal Bus


The marquee Fanal’Bus allows various configurations. You can choose between three walls and two types of lighting, runway lighting and interior lighting. There is also the option of incorporating an autonomous system of solar energy to power the lighting of it.



This project involved the illumination with LED technology of the interior parts of the walls of the roads, which lead from the city center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife to the beach front. There was no need to have street lamps all along the road.



Bold design that represents the integration of aesthetic and technological vanguard. Environments contributes as representative as the Olympic Village in Barcelona.

Banc Diba


This is a bench that following the innovative spirit, keep a sober and transparent which makes it easy to adapt in many areas public.

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